Palette Deluxe


Because luxurious colors don‘t need to be expensive.

  • Treat yourself to the new Palette DELUXE, the permanent coloration for glamorous, long-lasting color and perfectly nourished hair.

    • Up to 6 weeks of anti-dull effect
    • Nourishing micro-oils for stunningly healthy, silky hair
    • Maximized intensity and up to 30% more shine*

    Turn color into a luxury. Experience gorgeous, vibrant color that stays visibly rich and intense for longer than ever before, and hair that shines with natural nourishment.

    * vs. untreated hair


    Formula with nourishing micro-oils for rich, luxurious color with up to 6 weeks anti-dull effect.

    Palette DELUXE contains a rich, creamy formula with micro-oils and highly effective color pigments that penetrate each strand from root to tip - for rich, luxurious & long-lasting colors.
    Palette DELUXE offers the easy-to-use application bottle that allows a precise application at the roots and mess-free application on the lengths of the hair, without any dripping.
    Palette DELUXE offers you a wide range of stunning shades with perfect grey coverage*.

    Deeply nourishing care mask for after-treatment

    The deep nourishing care mask with natural oils provides a smooth & supple hair feeling with silky shine. Healthier, better cared hair helps to give intensive color results and longer-lasting glowing shine.                                  

    * Depending on the selected shade.


    Use Palette Deluxe like a professional!

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